Developing innovative precision therapies for patients with inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.

Treatment of fibrosis is an unmet clinical need responsible for 45% of all deaths in the industrialised world.

*NC Henderson, et al., “Fibrosis: from mechanisms to medicines” Nature 2020; 587, 555

Improving lives for patients with inflammatory and fibrotic disease

Our novel class of drugs has the potential to be an essential therapy in the treatment of serious inflammatory and fibrotic diseases, including chronic kidney disease, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, scleroderma, diabetic retinopathy and other diseases.

Our mission is to advance these novel therapeutics through clinical development to provide precision medicine treatments for these conditions.

Developing revolutionary precision therapies for diseases associated with inflammation and fibrosis.

OccuRx has identified and validated a series of lead candidates against novel targets and established preclinical proof of concept to treat and prevent fibrosis, which accounts for 45% of all causes of deaths globally.

OCX063 is Occurx’s lead small drug candidate molecule that targets a novel receptor, which has been previously shown to mediate signalling pathways associated with inflammation and fibrosis in the development and progression of fibrotic diseases of the kidney, heart, lung, and intestine.

Breakthrough science backed by expert leadership

OccuRx is focused on the emerging field of medical science which uses genetic information to identify which patients will best respond to a specific treatment, commonly referred to as precision medicine.

Partnerships and collaboration​

With a shared mission, OccuRx works closely with fellow Australian biotech company Certa Therapeutics.

Together, we’re developing a treatment platform for a broad spectrum of inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.

OccuRx and Certa Therapeutics are supported by common investment partners, led by Brandon BioCatalyst and Uniseed.